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@Aaron_Sparrow@twitter.com @vielned@twitter.com @BoundingComics@twitter.com In fact, Gal Gadot & Patty Jenkins should really consider doing an adaptation of Modesty Blaise. That character makes Black Widow and Emma Peel look like Girl Scouts.

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@mrmarkmillar@twitter.com Mostly Toby Dammit, but can do dark haired as well (eg Theorem and Modesty Blaise)

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📷 hollywoodlady: Terence Stamp on the set of  ‘Modesty Blaise’, 1966. tmblr.co/ZvUsoxZ4Ha9iam00

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Monica Vitti, "Modesty Blaise"(1966), Op Art......Good night...

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Monica Vitti on the set of Modesty Blaise, 1965
by Eve Arnold

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Monica Vitti photographed by Eve Arnold on the set of MODESTY BLAISE 1965

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@Glette@twitter.com @helle_thorsen@twitter.com @Grest_@twitter.com Twitter er faktisk første sted jeg har møtt andre med et forhold til Modesty Blaise.

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@SesseljaB@twitter.com @helle_thorsen@twitter.com @Grest_@twitter.com Vi vet jo ikke hvor Modesty egentlig kommer fra, men Iran er en ikke ueffen mulighet. (Ja, jeg er blodfan)

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@primevideouk@twitter.com No. Bond has Q in his corner. But here me now - Modesty Blaise would beat both of them. Fierce! 💪

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Seeing the art of Lena Luthor as a fencer has me diving back into an old family favourite. Modesty Blaise.
It's always a shame to me how Modesty Blaise is so overlooked
Sure, the books/graphic novels are a product of their time, so some stuff now you read & wince slightly. But it

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@juliemuncy23@twitter.com Actually, Hunter Schafer as Modesty Blaise - I'd be up for that.

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@mougendi@twitter.com Can't forget one Modesty Blaise 😏

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Monica sul set di "Modesty Blaise: La bellissima che uccide" (Joseph , 1966).

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@pelotillaculera@twitter.com Ni se te ocurra... La tengas como la tengas...

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Bart's Choice for Bootleg Bonds sure are some of the best and weirdest in deadpan-absurdist-meta satire! We wrestle with why it is Bond is so continually mocked while still being such a huge international box office hit, and more importantly we bop to the Modesty Blaise theme🎶 twitter.com/Cinema60podcast/st

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Modesty Maise

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